Seaton Cliffs Wildlife Reserve

Why Seaton Cliffs Wildlife Reserve?

I had plenty of experience with “The Cliffs” as they are locally known as a teenager when I used to mountain bike along the coastal path to Auchmithie, the undulations substituting any real mountains this close to the coast. They are however as rugged and scenic as any mountain can be and forever changing due to the weather, never the same day twice.

The walk from Arbroath to Auchmithie and back will take approx 3-4 hours depending on fitness and is 7.25 miles in length.


Seaton map

Arbroath to the South heading up North to Auchmithie


The above picture shows the start of the Cliffs Nature Reserve from Victoria Park, Arbroath. A popular area locally for walking the dog also generally any activity that requires wind!! Not much to stop it from the North Sea.


The view from the head of Victoria Park looking south back towards Arbroath, Rock pool heaven if looking for crabs is your thing.

Amazing rock structures are dotted all along the coastal path.

Deil’s Head the bulbous sea stack sitting proud next to a carving in the bedrock.

Plenty of information and directions included along the route, even wildlife information dotted around.

The destination of Auchmithie Harbour birth place of the famous Arbroath Smokie, plenty of places for a rest along the way.

Cliff Walk Cottage is situated 1 mile from the harbour and is an excellent base to explore the whole area, relax in style and enjoy days out along this amazing coastline. Please get in touch if you require further information if you are considering a stay and please visit the website for further details.


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